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20percentoffProfessional translation services in Edinburgh by Speedy Translations agency, translations in every language.

Speedy Translations agency is helping you with professional translations for over 20 years now, and now it is considered as one of the most liked translation agencies in Edinburgh and England. We translate from any language to any language, we work with more than 650 translation agencies, which are in more than 45 countries of the world. We take technical, economic and legal translations, professional translations. Small and large translations fast in Edinburgh.

Document translation services, affordable rates


translationservicesWe take all types of professional translation, translation at the best possible prices. Different types of fast translations, short deadline translation in case of urgency, and English translation in a few hours at reasonable prices.

Preparing localizations, program translations, documents, webpage translations, multimedia products, software translations to English or any other foreign language.

Speedy Translations Agency

Speedy Translations Agency manages every customer individually, we are trying to customize our service to your needs as much as possible. We are sure that together we can solve all of your language problems and that we will meet all your needs.

In the beginning we concentrated on the European languages, inside that the Central European languages, like German, French or Italian, and later we expanded our translation activities. Today we work with over a thousand international translators or translation agencies, and we are proud that we can translate in any language of the world.

What languages do we translate in the most?

Bulgarian German Romanian
Czech Hungarian Russian
Dutch Italian Spanish
English Polish Slovak
French Portuguese Swedish

Speedy Translations is proud that we can manage to translate lengthy amount of texts in a relatively short time.

Translation services in Edinburgh

Business translation to English, German, French

Business mails, PowerPoint presentations, Excel tables, Word documents, company papers, documents, marketing plans, annual reports, financial plans, accounting, invoices, agency agreements, employment agreements, meetings, quotations, price quotations translation to English, German or other languages.

Legal translation

Contracts, powers of attorney, applications, petitions, decrees, declarations, police documents, translations, legal proceedings, general contract conditions, purchase and sale agreements, real estate contracts, gift contract translations.

Webpage translation

Individual and company webpages, website translations, web shop translations and localization in many languages, webpage translation to German, Spanish and French. With free SEO tips that can increase the number of visitors on your page.

The most common website translations:
·         Hotel webpage translations
·         Restaurant webpage translations
·         Tourism website translations
·         Website translations for different businesses

Technical translation, professional translation

Instruction manuals, reference manuals, maintenance manuals, product description translations, regulation, invention translations, technical drawings and plans, documentation translations, applications, permit translations, construction permits, and production and technology document translations fast.

Medical, pharmaceutical translation

Attestation, medical opinions, patient information leaflets, description of drugs, medical aid description translations, medical evidence, conformations, certifications, medical articles and publications, professional text translations.

Certified translations in Edinburgh with codicil

Certified translation in Edinburgh, with stamp and codicil in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages. The certified translation made by us is usually accepted by official organizations. Certificates, high school diploma certified translations, university degree translations, foreign language exam certificates, birth certificate translations, business document certified translations at reasonable prices.

Our company is a member of many international translation groups and we often prepare translations for the largest domestic multinational organizations and institutes. One part of our cooperating translators lives and works in England, but some of them work on the translations from many different countries around the world, like the Korean, Japanese, Bantu, Swahili and Thai languages.

How can I order a translation?

Send us the text that needs to be translated by email or upload it by clicking on the Price Request button. And we will send you a concrete quotation soon. After you answer us, we translate the text to the agreed language.

When will the translation be done?

Our professional translators are trying to work as fast as possible, while keeping precise and quality work.

You have the possibility to choose from the following:

Normal translation 2-4 days
Fast translation 1 day +25%
Premium translation on the same day, evening +50%

How can I pay for the translation?

After we send you the quotation and you order the translation, please pay the amount to our bank account:

If it’s a company order, we give you an invoice and payment is required in 8 days. You have the opportunity to pay through PayPal from abroad.

We hope that we can welcome you as our customer soon.

Thank you, that like our thousands of customers, you chose Speedy Translations Agency as well.

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