Languages2Our office in in Edinburgh handles translation from English to practically any language in the world, though most people require translation into French, German, and Italian, followed by Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Urdu.

Most of our clients are small and mid-sized businesses, but we also prepare translations for individuals, especially official translations, certificates, diplomas, or resumes.

Fast and quality translation services

European languages

We are able to translate effectively into European languages, these translations are prepared very quickly, so you can save time if you choose us.  Our main focus is on customer satisfaction, the translations are available at a reasonable price and produced very quickly, but at the best possible quality.

Our most popular European languages are: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Polish.

Asian languages

Our translations into Asian languages are also always done by a native speaker, who has an excellent command of the language’s features, rules, and grammar.

The most popular Asian languages in our office:

Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Malay, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hebrew, Tamil, Pashto

African languages

Arabic, Afrikaans, Zulu, Bantu, Swahili, Berber, Somali,

What kind of translations can you order from us?

Our office prepares business and legal translations, technical or medical translations, and other kinds of translations as well.  These translations are always performed with great precision by a native speaker. If you send us the text to be translated, we will try to send you a quote within an hour, and if you accept it, we will quickly prepare the translation.

Give us a call at 07459 490 814!