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The right choice of a translation agency

translation_agencyCurrently, translation isn’t a service that only rich firms or businessmen can afford. Translating a text by professionals is a normal process, the price of which is becoming more accessible as more specialized firms emerge.

The right choice of a translation agency
Demand is fostered by supply, and so many translation agencies work in our country and offer all types of translation from all languages. The popularity of translation agencies grows every day. Nowadays, large corporations aren’t the only ones interested in text translation. Such a service would be required by any firm that has even the slightest intention to enter a foreign market or work with partners from abroad, students, private clients and businessmen. Business is becoming interactive, so more and more citizens require professional translation.

Despite the fact that nowadays, there are many translation agencies, it’s not quite easy to choose the best one amongst hundreds and thousands of firms. If you have never used such a service before, it’s hard to make the right choice, especially when there are several candidates at once, practically identical in relation to the number of services offered. This article will help you figure out which translation agency is worth paying attention to, as well as how to find a firm you can entrust your text to.

Where can I find information about translation agencies?
There are many ways that can help you find information about certain translation agencies. The most popular are:

Take a look at listings in Yellow Pages. Many newspapers with listings offer a whole section filled with information about translators’ services.

Take advantage of references from people you know who have already used such firms.
Simply use Internet search engines.

Familiarize yourself with reviews on specialized sites and forums and choose the best option.
Nowadays, most people choose the Internet as a research tool. After all, it’s sufficient to formulate a request and type it into Google, and we get hundreds of links. Also, you can ask more detailed and concrete questions for the search. For example, instead of a “translation agency”, you clarify additional information or language you need translated: “translation agency, London”, or “translate text into German”. Such a phrase would always help you receive what you need quickly and exactly.

Working with a translation agency

So you’ve chosen a translation agency in accordance with all your requirements and sympathies. Afterwards, you need to contact the organization and discuss all the details of the arrangement. Real professionals always ask leading questions. If there are none, it’s something to worry about, because then there is a possibility of negligent work, without all the nuances taken into account. Primarily, company employees take into account various linguistic combinations, document length, form and timeframes.
First of all, a person who approaches a professional agency sends the source text to the agency for a read and a calculation of costs. You should always keep in mind that not all translation agencies can tell you the exact price for certain translations. It’s good if the client has the scanned document or its electronic copy, in the easy browsing format. At this stage, you should tell the employees about your expectations regarding the work and listen to their leading questions. Discussion stage is the key moment in entering into an agreement that would allow to clearly designate all the features of the future text.

It’s worth knowing some important questions that you ought to voice in the translation agency after the price of the job is calculated:

It’s always important to find out the cost of a translation units – a single page.
Clarify how the costs are calculated: by the number of characters in the source document or in the resulting one. In most cases, the resulting document has more characters.
Are the prices fixed or can there be changes during the work process?
Who would be doing the translation? Does this translator know the subject of the text, understand all its nuances?
Will the document be edited following the translation?
Agency’s specialization (technical translation, legal, literary).
What are the payment method options?
Translation format? Is it possible to choose a format in accordance with your preferences? For example, if the subject is a presentation, it’s best to choose a Power Point document format instead of Word.
Can you order a test translation in the agency? And is that a free service?

However, the primary factors are the price and the timeframes of the translation. There are situations when a client has limited time and would need an urgent translation – in that case, the employee must be confident that the firm would be able to do the translation that fast. Don’t forget the firm’s specialization – it can play a large role in the right choice.

Why are translation agency’s services a bargain for companies?

translatorsTranslators’ services are used by many companies and businessmen today. For example, hiring a staff member translator for working on a permanent basis can lead to colossal financial losses for the company. Of course, it’s a bargain if document translation for the company has to be done within a highly specialized field and on a constant basis, for example legal documents translation. However, if you use translators’ services from time to time and need document translation of various kinds (technical, legal, financial, medical, etc.) then you won’t be able to do without the help of a professional translation agency. It’s financially viable and convenient.

If your company has a translations department, you know that having translators on stuff is quite expensive! In addition, you need constant control; translators’ productivity has to match with the company’s expenses. That is why more and more companies contact independent translation agencies.

An American management company has offered a slogan: “Do what you do best and leave the rest to professionals”! Tough competition, global economy, make executives consider implementing measurements of cutting the companies’ expenses. That is why outsourcing is so widely popular. By outsourcing events, company controls the movement of money, increasing its competitiveness and enhancing business process.

If you need translation services, but view hiring a professional translator as indulgence, it’s time to use the services of professional translation agencies. First of all, a staff of highly specialized certified translators is strictly controlled by the owner of a translation agency. Second of all, a concrete technical task falls into the hands of a professional with a relevant diploma, experience of working in the field, knowledge of specialized terminology. Third of all, this approach is financially viable for the company, because the recoupment is minimal and the company’s image doesn’t suffer. Translation agency is responsible for the quality and it certifies all translated documents with its seal per client’s wish. And if anything is unsatisfactory, there is always an alternative for resolving disputes.

It’s impossible to do a professional document translation on one’s own. Only teamwork allows to guarantee excellent quality of work. The team insures each other, working together. As a result, neither the image of the translation agency nor the company’s, suffer. Translators exchange information, correct inaccuracies, use all the necessary dictionaries with specific terminology. That is why the quality of teamwork of professionals is the highest. It’s a bargain for a client because in order to ensure such levels within the company, one would need to hire about a dozen of translators of various specializations.

It’s important to choose a translation agency carefully in order not to end up in a trap set by frauds. Pay attention to the look of the website of a translation agency, information about services offered, reviews. If you have doubts, get in touch with the agency to verify all the details.