When do I need a translator and a proofread by a native speaker?

Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether a person needs a native speaker or a professional translator. Quite often, many people believe that it’s enough to use online services in order to translate a document or a text. But then it turns out that these actions aren’t sufficient, and time has been lost. It would be … Read more

The right choice of a translation agency

Currently, translation isn’t a service that only rich firms or businessmen can afford. Translating a text by professionals is a normal process, the price of which is becoming more accessible as more specialized firms emerge. The right choice of a translation agency Demand is fostered by supply, and so many translation agencies work in our … Read more

Issues of translating from foreign languages

Text translation is a science. Perhaps even an art. A person who translates not only must know the languages, but also be educated in various fields. Usually, good translation agencies use around 40 foreign languages. In addition, organizations seek not only well-educated translators, but also professionals in various fields of academia and art. Those can … Read more

Technical translation

Wikipedia says that technical translation serves for exchanging special technological information between the people who speak different languages. When a translator is faced with working with imported technology or industrial equipment, their work can be broken down into several stages: Written translation of technical instructions, schemes, certificates of quality confirmation, technical passports and other types … Read more

Legal translation

Legal translation is translation of documents that regulate legal issues. Such work includes not only translation of legal and notarial documents, but translation of various legal information exchanged between professionals of this field from various countries. Legal translation Legal translation is a complex process that requires a specialist to have many additional skills. They not … Read more

Medical texts professional translation

Each professional translator, sooner or later, chooses a particular specialization for themselves in which they would show maximum performance and precision possible. The choice of medical texts which can sometimes make or break a person’s life has a particular significance. In cases of such translation, not only is it important to correctly translate a text, … Read more

Translation agencies help overcome language barriers

The days when the upcoming instances of talking to people whose native language is different from yours induced anxiety are long gone. Translation agencies solved this problem. The modern world isn’t known as “the global village” for nothing. Cooperation between the people living in different countries and speaking in different languages became a normal thing. … Read more

Court translators

First of all, it’s important to note that if we try to find out more about the work of court translators, we would observe that most people don’t really understand it. The language spoken in the courtroom is usually more complex than the one used in our daily lives; therefore, those who would in court … Read more

Why are translation agency’s services a bargain for companies?

Translators’ services are used by many companies and businessmen today. For example, hiring a staff member translator for working on a permanent basis can lead to colossal financial losses for the company. Of course, it’s a bargain if document translation for the company has to be done within a highly specialized field and on a … Read more

Technical translation – a laborious process in the field of translation services

Modern technological advancements require perfection, development of skills, drinking in knowledge, using them in practice from us. Often, in order to be successful, one needs to know and learn foreign languages. This is the main condition for staying at the center of events, not getting lost in the sea of information; in addition, knowledge of … Read more