Slovak translation

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Slovak translations

Slovak translations in Edinburgh by professional Slovak translators, Slovak-English and English-Slovak translations, Slovak to English translations inexpensively and quickly.

Our clients are mostly companies that wish to increase their presence on the Slovak market, but we have also done literary translations, and a large amount of health sciences and legal translations. What you can count on with us:
·         English-Slovak contract translation
·         Translation of agreements and business offers
·         Translation of webpages to Slovak or Czech
·         Translation of articles and literary works
·         General mail translations to Slovak
·         Translation of purchase and sale agreements
·         Translation of miscellaneous documentation

Translations to Slovak are always done by a professional Slovak translator with years of experience, who do their very best to make sure you get a first class, precise translation that always is done by the deadline. Thanks to our business philosophy, brevity is always matched with an inexpensive price, so you can be sure you get your Slovak translation at the most advantageous price possible.

Native Slovak speaker translators in Edinburgh

Speedy Translations agency is one of the most popular translation agencies, and over the last years we have succeeded in getting ever more Slovak translations. Translations from Slovak to English and English to Slovak in as little as a day.

Mother tongue proofreading, Slovak specialty translations in Edinburgh, inexpensive prices, quality translations, short deadlines. If you send us the translation in the morning, we can prepare your translation by the same evening. For detailed information and exact prices push on the Price Request button in the upper menu. English Slovak translation, specialty translations in Edinburgh, Slovak translation to your needs.

Translation from Slovak to English

Fast translation from Slovak to English in Edinburgh. Native speaking Slovak proofreaders check the accuracy of the translation, Slovak to English and English to Slovak translations every day of the week, or even on the weekend. For more information call us on the number below!

Call us now at 07459 490 814!

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