Legal translation

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Legal translation

Legal translation and professional translation preparation in Edinburgh, English-English, German-English, Italian-English, Spanish-English and Slovak-English.

In the last years, legal offices, courts, federal policing agencies, private detective agencies, and companies have taken advantage of our legal translation services. Most of these translations were in the following areas:
·         contract terminations
·         agreements
·         orders and declaration translations
·         settlement translations
·         purchase and sale agreements
·         rental agreements
·         powers of attorney
·         leasing contracts
·         articles of association
·         late payment notices

Legal translation services in Edinburgh- Speedy Translations!

Legal translations are special because only those experienced in the law are able to officially and precisely translate them.

Legal translations in Edinburgh, quick translations, low, competitive prices characterize the Speedy Translations Agency legal translations. Our translators have excellent knowledge of the technical legal terminology of the given language, as well as the given country’s language use in court or legal matters.

Contract terminations

Court documents, company contracts, decisions, and declarations translation in Edinburgh by legal translators.

All information concerning the translation is treated as confidential, which we never allow to be reachable by third parties. This is supported by our confidential server and the way we handle legal translations.

Our experienced and educated legal translator colleagues have years of experience in legal translations and they always put serious focus on the deadlines. Precision, quality and the best possible price, these are our achieved goals in the area of legal translations.

If you need a quick legal translation, for certain premiums we can of course take care of it, in that case the legal translators will put your translation at the head of the line.

Who prepares the translations?

Imprecise legal translations can cause numerous consequences and can create uncomfortable circumstances, for this reason every legal translation is done by a lawyer or a professional legal translator who knows the given language perfectly.

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