Technical translation

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Technical translation

Technical translation is a special area of translating, not just because the meanings of certain words in certain languages can have serious differences, but rather because without knowledge of the specialty technical area there is a serious danger that the translation will be imprecise and not true to the original.

Technical translation was among the special areas that our translation agency started with, our first lengthy translations were usage manuals, special handbooks and product descriptions.

Our professional translators have technical experience in all kinds of areas and they are at home in the labyrinth of technical texts, whether English, German, French or Spanish.

Technical translations in Edinburgh

Our professional technical translators do everything to make sure that the translation prepared is not a “mirror image” translation; rather, they keep the particularities and figures of speech of the language being used.

For a quality technical translation call us at 07459 490 814, where you can receive detailed information about translation prices and deadlines, in addition, we will strive to answer any questions.

Technical translations, professional translations in Edinburgh by Speedy Translations Agency!

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